Complete installation of plumbing systems on new residences of any size Estates. Add-ons, modification/addition of existing systems.

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S&T Plumbing is located at 804 West Shady Grove Irving Texas 75060. Our doors are open from 7:00am5:00pm Monday Through Friday.

Contact Us: (972) 259-5286

Give us a call anytime. Everyone in our office is knowledgeable about plumbing and can answer your questions or concerns with precision and quickness.

To contact any of our office employees, here are there job titles and emails.

Marney Snow– President, Lead estimator | EMAIL

Trey Snow– Vice President, Commercial operations, Project Manager | EMAIL

Dawn Greenawalt- HR and Business Manager  | EMAIL

David Adkins- Residential and Remodel | EMAIL



S&T Plumbing

804 West Shady Grove Irving Texas 75060

Open 7:00am - 5:00pm

Monday Through Friday.

Phone: (972) 259-5286


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